Getting Cozy With… The Cryptics!

The CrypticsThe Cryptics were formed January 2012 in a remote practice room, in Hampshire, UK, after thrashing out improtu Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones songs and realising that a certain spark existed. Childhood friends Simon King and Andy Pritchard were the rhythmic backbone that began to fuse with Ryan Osborne’s vocals and guitar, bringing to life the songs he’d written, bittersweet songs of recklessness, in life and love, with a sound blending the likes of The Strokes and Radiohead and elements of reggae and soul. More songs were written and the trio began playing local bars in Southsea and Southampton, building a reputation for their tight, dynamic performances of instantly catchy, yet diverse songs. Guitarist, Martin Fahy joined the band in July and gigs in Brighton and London followed, as did their debut EP, Seize The Night, recorded at River Studios, Southampton.
In between listening to, writing and performing music, The Cryptics sit and wonder about the mysteries of life, such as existence, the universe, women and whether or not the light stays on when you close the fridge. They don’t claim to have any answers, but instead strive towards creating music with depth and character. This year will see the band grow, with festival appearances and radio play to come, along with a follow up EP. Have a listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and follow the band on Facebook. We hope to captivate you….
Band Links:Facebook // Twitter // BandCamp // Website //[bandcamp track=4100432760  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=8e42bb size=venti]Alicia Atout

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