Saturday, April 6th, 2013: Weekend Wiki-Wiki-What Playlist

WWWWPDon’t be deceived… This weekend’s playlist has absolutely nothing to do with remixes! We just find it overly amusing to say Weekend Wiki-Wiki-What Playlist. Although there are no remixes, there ARE however some amazing new songs and bands to check out. So go ahead and enjoy them, and your weekend! X

COVE- Health
The Almighty Rhombus- Even Though
Marek Zerba- Vue Sur Toits
Shadows At Play- Into The Sun
Eerie Deer- Maze
Kindred Shins- Red Eye Blues
Mat Hunsley- Fires
Broken Witt Rebels- All Worn Out
Stirling- Rather Say Goodbye
Strangeways- That Night
Only Shadows- Be Still
Lionhall- Catch A Light
Purple Heart Parade- The Room
Captain Dangerous- Boozehounds
Stephen Molloy- Kingdom
Culann- Salvation
From Now On- Jack Keys
The Long Lies- Trouble
The Gullwings- Turn Back Time
This Harbour- The Working Man
Princess- Blow Up
Park Planet – The Youngest
Get Cubs- I Can’t Tell
Ferals- Somersault
Madness and the Film- London Town
Jim Platts Rhythm Innovation- Drama Queen
MONO LIFE- Standing At Your Door

Alicia Atout

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