Getting Cozy With… FOES!


Tommy – Guitar & Vocals

Drew – Lead Guitar

Alex – Bass

Marcus – Drums

Hailing from Birmingham, Foes bring a powerful, raw energy to this already musically vibrant city. They’re influences stem from bands such as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age & The Vines. These influences give take to their dominant guitar riffs, large drum sound and spikey vocals.

Originally called The British Kicks, the band came together in early 2012. The reason behind the name change was due to shift in musical direction. Lending themselves to the quote ‘Be yourself; everybody else is taken’, Foes decided to start writing for themselves. It is from this attitude, which a creative freedom has now evolved the band into what they are today.

Looking ahead into 2013, FOES have some exciting shows coming up including dates at the Camden Barfly & their first Birmingham headline show in early June for the release of their debut single. They will also be appearing at festivals throughout the summer. This year will also see FOES record their first EP, paving way for an exciting start to 2014.


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