You’ve GOT to Hear This: “The Bit Between The Teeth”

The Bit Between the TeethYou know when you hear a piece of music and you almost don’t even know what to think, and you’re practically at a loss for words? Well, this is exactly how The Bit Between the Teeth makes me feel. But as we all know, this is a You’ve GOT to Hear This, so I guess I’ll have to try my best to explain just how great the album is!

Over the past few months, I’ve learned a lot about Skint and Demoralised. But the main thing I’ve really gotten out of all our features is the immense passion Matt Abbott and David Gledhill have put into this album. Trying our hardest to think about it, we couldn’t think of one band who sound similar to S&D- they’re completely unique and have created a pure, genuine sound for themselves.

After reading about the band’s inspirations and journey into producing the album, I now understand every reason why they’re so extremely proud to put this album out for the world to hear. The Bit Between The Teeth opens with Amores Perros, it’s a neat opener as Matt sing-talks his poetic lyrics over ambient noise and guitar strums. Following is Plessey Road and the third track on the album, Lucifer’s Cardigan- a catchy song where the verse blends perfectly into the chorus. Speaking of which, that chorus completely hits home as the vocals and drum rolls speed up, and the tambourine adds a nice touch. Next is Broadway Circle. We’ve really come to love this track; it holds a unique downbeat which almost gives it a hypnotic-psychedelic vibe. The middle-eight is our favourite part though as the drums and vocals come together to form a rich march-like rhythm.

Next up… When Saturday Comes and Breakfast at Sylvia’s. Both stellar songs carried by driving guitars, heartening lyrics, and deep basslines. As far as Breakfast at Sylvia’s, everything comes together in the chorus, as vocals sway over and their signature jangly guitar. Also, the lyrics really grab us. I remember when Matt send us the hand-written lyrics for the song- I told him if it’s too much to write out, then we can choose another song, he then told me “it’s one of the shorter lyrics actually!” I loved that. It’s always a great experience to see the behind the scenes of a song, so knowing the inspiration behind Breakfast at Sylvia’s only added to the admiration towards the track. It’s a perfect song where the music carries you away into the lyrical genius which is S&D.

Next are Chippenham Travelodge and Bridge Street, then the album closer The Long Night That Lies Ahead. At first I thought the song was going to be an instrumental. But as I kept listening, it only developed. The song opens with beautiful, rich strings which let Matt’s vocals soar. The Long Night That Lies Ahead shows just how superb the production is throughout the album.

The past few months have been an absolute thrill. Working with Skint & Demoralised is a dream come true, and now with this spectacular album soon to be released, I just had to write about it. The Bit Between The Teeth bathes you with whimsical vocals and melodic riffs, and holds real experiences put right into lyrics and music. It’s truly a beautiful album. The Bit Between The Teeth comes out tomorrow, and it’s really one to get your hands on. There are many aspects of this album to love, so I hope you enjoy it as music as I do! Their music is timeless. They’re Skint and Demoralised.

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