Playlisted: #nowplaying

PlaylistedEach night I tend to wander through my SoundCloud and Twitter looking for songs just released and songs that may be new to me. There is no shortage. I tend to tweet my finds using the #nowplaying hashtag. Primarily, this is a way to expose the band and maybe get a few plays for the song. Also, it is just a way for me to remember songs I want to go back and listen to again! So, this is all about discovering new music. What could be better? Enjoy!

Madness and the Film – London Town
Friday Club – Fall Down Kid
The Shades – Circles
Alfie’s Dad and the Others – Whistleblower
Stolen Haven – Broke
Chilson Bones – Oxygen
Strangeways – That Night
Strobegirl – February Sun
Running Red Lights – Mulberry Love

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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