Playlisted: The 2:30 Club

PlaylistedI have to wake each day at 5 am. You’d think I’d go to bed at a reasonable hour because of that. I never proclaimed to be that smart. I usually end up sleeping four hours or so a night. Without fail I get a massive tired spell at 2:30 every afternoon. No amount of coffee will help. But, I have a trick that works without fail to keep me from falling asleep on my desk at work. Headphones and the bands featured in this playlist! These are a collection of the top bands I use when I want to get my energy back! They are my 2:30 Club! Enjoy!

Kindred Shins – Bitch Be Cool
Silver Arms – Dead Tongues
Military Arcade – Reptilia
The Vinyl Junkies – Gangs
Sky Burns Red – Collide
The Knievel Dead – Hold Your Own
The Ruckus – Must be the Music
Lost Cassettes – Beat Motel
Mystic Fools – Blow my Third Eye
The Indieannas – Get your Shit Together 

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

One thought on “Playlisted: The 2:30 Club

  1. I know the feeling well of only 4 hours of sleep and it is almost always due to Music. Whether it’s gigging, writing, practising or listening 4am rolls around and I’m awake more often than I’d care to admit! Glad you’re listening! We both need to get more sleep though…

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