Getting Cozy With… The Dimes!

The DimesHi everyone – we’re The Dimes, a folk/pop group from Portland, OR.  We’ve been making records for almost 10 years now and have a new record coming out soon.  We love old vintage gear, from Pierre’s assortment of old guitars and pawnshop treasures to Johnny’s favorite acoustic guitar and Leedy Ludwig kick drum.  We love writing songs – sometimes because there’s a catchy tune in our heads that we can’t stop playing, or sometimes because there’s a story that just has to be told.  Lately it’s all been about the sounds – Pierre has been obsessing over reverb (again), and Johnny has been paying homage to The Beatles (again), singing vocals and playing Rhodes through a Leslie speaker he’s been borrowing.  The stories are still there to be sure, and we always love talking about the things that inspire us – if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi or send us an email :)


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