Playlisted: A Little Help from our Friends

PlaylistedI love finding new bands. I usually have a lot of help from the Twitter world. In particular, user @fezzer70 (Lee Fereday) has impeccable taste in music. I take his suggestions without question. From there, I simply ‘follow the white rabbit’, looking at what music the band likes, finding similar bands, etc. In the end I have lots of new tunes to listen to and also to share with AMBY! So, this playlist is about listening to the suggestions of other music lovers and seeing where it will take you. Some amazing bands featured this time! Enjoy!

Yellow Elevators – Ride
Aztec Doll – Flower
This Condition – Throwing Stones
Love for Zero – Fear in Your Eyes
Formes – Maze
Delamere – Vampire
Two Skies – Quiet Stones
Clever Criminals – Teenage Hypnotiser

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

2 thoughts on “Playlisted: A Little Help from our Friends

  1. Thanks a lot! We really appreciate it. Its good to see people taking an interest in our music, and its also good to see that people still have good taste in music!

    Thanks again,
    Yellow Elevators

  2. Michael, what an honour to be associated with one of your playlists! I am quite taken aback. Needless to say, I loved every track. Many thanks to you and AMBY.

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