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Fossil Collective

Fossil Collective recently released their album Tell Where I Lie- one of the most soothing, heartfelt, and gorgeous albums we’ve heard in quite a long time. Tell Where I Lie is drenched in rich harmonies, peaceful guitar riffs, and stunning lyrics. AMBY wanted to know a little more about the album, and the amazing band, so we spoke with Fossil Collective about their sound, favourite concerts they’ve been to, and of course, Tell Where I Lie!

AMBY: Hello Fossil Collective! What’s the band been up to recently?

Fossil Collective: Working hard, rehearsing and looking forward to 2 months of touring.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with it?

Fossil Collective: We are influenced  by a lot of the music we grew up listening to as kids – our parents music, the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young etc, although we are often compared to our contempories Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes etc

AMBY: Off your new album Tell Where I Lie, which track is your favourite and why?

Fossil Collective: It changes all the time but it currently is Boy With Black Bird Kite – a really nice melody and a song that always goes down well live.

AMBY: Speaking of the album, what was the best moment you had while recording it?

Fossil Collective: There were many great moments – some of it we recorded in a crypt that was under a church – we had to stop recording at certain times when there was a service, so we’d all go down the pub!

AMBY: Where did the name Fossil Collective come from?

Fossil Collective: We always wanted the band to be a ‘collective’ of musicians who come and go with us at the helm … people who we can call upon whenever we need something like violin, harp etc … The fossil part sounded cool and just stuck.

AMBY: Off of Tell Where I Lie, my favourite would have to be When Frank Became An Orb. What was the inspiration for the song?

Fossil Collective: It actually has a lot to do with the break up of our previous band (Vib Gyor) I can’t delve too deeply I’m afraid but the phone against the wall part is very real and we were very bitter when we wrote it – but we are all friends now !

AMBY: If you could have dinner with any three of your influences, which would you choose?

Fossil Collective: I think it is good to keep your heroes at arm’s length as they might disappoint in the flesh. I think I’d prefer a night at home with my family and my own bed – touring is pretty tiring at times, and we all miss our own bed !

AMBY: And lastly, what are the top three live shows you’ve seen in your life?

Fossil Collective: I saw Jeff Buckley at Glastonbury – that was pretty special – Sigur Ros at Sheffield Leadmill and Radiohead in New York were both equally as good.


Thank you Fossil Collective, for giving us your answers!

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