WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Broderick & Broderick album stream

Broderick and BroderickBroderick & Broderick‘s self-titled record is full of warm, gorgeous instrumentals and an absolutely lovely vocal track. It takes you on a journey full of tenderness and serenity. Our favourite song off the  album is track two, Let Me Love You For Free which features Peter’s sister, Heather. The track carries soaring harmonies, and beautiful strings (keeping in with the album’s theme). Now it’s time to have an exclusive listen for yourself, so all that’s left to say is… enjoy!

Broderick & Broderick will be released via Team Love Records.

Alicia Atout

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  1. alex

    June 23, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    don’t forget also Four Cats, Three Dogs, Several Ducks And A Rabbit song !

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