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The TopHey guys, we’re The Top and we make music in Brooklyn. Clemens, Dan and Aaron started playing together at college in 2009 and gigged under a host of names and instrumentations.

It wasn’t until 2011 that we finally felt like we knew what we are doing and solidified our music with the Hands’ EP. Recorded at our house on cassette and reel to reel, the EP spans almost a year of on and off sessions tracking new and reworked material, including a song written by Clemens’ father in 1960s Berlin, Germany. We like to think the record takes you on a ride back in time. A pleasant one, though…nothing too scary. Clemens was born in Berlin. He moved to the Berkshires as a youngster to live with family friend and Orange Twin artist Sibylle Baier, who taught him how to speak English, write songs and play guitar. Coming from a background in classical music, the rest of the band educated Clemens with relish about American roots groups and the British invasion. As a result, one can hear quite a lot of history in his songs.

After school we split up, moved all over the country and tried new things. Even so, we were constantly sending each other new songs and recording bi-coastal demos. Now that the universe has brought us back together and given us James, our wonderful bassist, we’re ready to strut our stuff for you. After spending this past summer recording in Massachusetts’ Berkshires, we’re fully equipped with new material and hope to make 2013 a year of plenty for you guys. So if you find yourself in the Big Apple check in with us, we are probably playing somewhere close to you.


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