You’ve GOT to Hear This: Birds Of Canada compilation “In The Spring”

In the SpringOur friend Adam over at Birds of Canada has recently created a wonderful Spring compilation titled In The Spring. Curious about the inspiration behind this great mix, Adam spoke with AMBY to let us in on the true purpose and influence of In The Spring!

Adam Roper: The inspiration was basically just to find a new avenue to promote different artists I’ve given small write ups to since starting my blog. I wanted to try the compilation format as it seems to have more permanence than the playlist format I usually go for. Playlists usually come out once a week so the only people that benefit are those who follow the playlists regularly (from a listener’s standpoint it can be a bit daunting to discover a new radio show or playlist blog only to realize they’ve been posting playlists every week for years).

A compilation however only comes out a few times a year, allowing a lot more time for people to casually discover the songs before the next compilation. In terms of theme I’ve always been most attracted to the spring season as a time for creativity and insight, and wanted to see how a few select artists I follow would interpret it. Surprisingly I only received about 5 submissions from artists I regularly follow, while most of the others were new artists that generously contributed tracks.

I might put out a shorter comp in July to include a few late submissions/ a few of my friends who never got around to submitting a track (so far I’m looking into songs from Hrdwtr, Close Talker, and a secret Teen Daze/Parish Of Little Clifton collaborative side project).

I’m also hoping for a Christmas compilation later this year, which might be a bit more of a stretch as I’ll be asking artists to record songs specifically for the compilation (the only submission recorded specifically for In The Spring was the Attack In Black cover by Snoqualmie).

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