Playlisted: Drums!

PlaylistedSince the first time I listened to Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused I have been a huge fan of tracks prominently featuring drums. In many cases a drummer provides a nice back beat that helps the track along, but in the cases I’m featuring today, its a full assault on the drum kit. The kind of music that makes the listener want to make a fool of themselves by banging pencils on their desk. I may be guilty of this on occasion. Get ready for some killer drummers! Enjoy!

The Ramblers – Nothin’ but a Mystery
Selective Service – In the Kingdom
Sun Giant – Angel Woman
Psyence – ZEBRA
The Rumble – Accused
Bad Moon – Crypt
The Villiers – She Rides Upon the Waves

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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