You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Pompeii”

Bear's DenPompeii by Bear’s Den

The London band Bear’s Den, being made up by Andrew Davie, Kev Jones and Joey Haynes are not only a good new band which might get really big in the next few years, no, they also have created a song called “Pompeii” which is absolutely stellar! Although the song is very sad and is telling a story of loss, it doesn’t forget the hope. No matter how hard and disappointing or sad the situation might be, you’ve got to carry on. The chorus of the song shows exactly what to do: “Just don’t cry; hold your head up high…”

This song proofs once more that Bear’s Den are making some incredibly beautiful music, they just need some tender guitar sounds and their voices and you’ll get affected immediately.

Bear’s Den have released a five-piece EP called “Agape” in March 2013, but the song, which is not featured in this record is my favourite song so far and You’ve GOT to hear it!

Katrin Kugler

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