Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ True Apothecary

True ApothecaryAMBY caught up with True Apothecary to find out how the band came to be, how Shakespeare fits into the picture, and what’s on the bucketlist.  Ever wonder what music John Mayer and Circa Survive’s love child might make? Then give this a read and True Apothecary a listen!

AMBY: How did True Apothecary come to be?

True Apothecary: True Apothecary actually started as a side project of mine, (David), while my current band/s were either searching for the right members, held up on recording or diving into college finals.

AMBY: For all those prospective listeners out there, how would you describe your sound?

True Apothecary: A melting pot of rock, pop and soul. We usually say it’s hard to define our sound in a sentence or two, but if John Mayer and Circa Survive had a love child, we would probably hang out with that kid on the regular.

AMBY: What was the inspiration behind your band name?

True Apothecary: Freshman year of high school I took Honors English and had an entire semester of JUST Shakespeare.  I wanted to kill myself. I studied every day, trying to understand every line of his intense and often complex vocabulary. For a 14/15 year old it was a lot to take in. I came to hate Shakespeare by being overexposed to it. However, the guy had an incredible knack, (to say the least), for putting words together. His line towards the end of Romeo & Juliet, “Oh, True Apothecary, thy drugs are quick” always resonated with me. Not really sure why, but that’s where it came from.

AMBY: What’s your personal favourite track you’re produced thus far?

True Apothecary: Probably Welcome To The Next Battle.  That riff that opens that song up was one that I had for years and just couldn’t finish. One night, after sitting down with Jared (guitar), we jammed on it and pretty much wrote that song on the spot.  It was nice to finally have completed something which started years ago. Also, I love mixing in electronic drums into our music and that song has a lot of it ;)

AMBY: Who were the last three artists/bands you listened to?

True Apothecary: Death Cab For Cutie, Justin Timberlake, The Mars Volta

AMBY: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

True Apothecary: Death Cab For Cutie, Thrice, The Sun & The Sea, Hidden Hospitals

AMBY: Top 5 things on the bucket list?

True Apothecary: Make a career out of this music ;)

Go bowling with Samuel L. Jackson

Go on tour with at least one of those artists listed above

Open our own studio

High Five Chuck Norris and Steven Segal at the same time

AMBY: What can we expect in the near future from True Apothecary?

True Apothecary: More music on a bigger scale :)

AMBY: Please tell AMBY something you’ve never told anyone before.

True Apothecary: David is a huge Boyz II Men fan & Jared might quite possibly be in the love with that girl from Paramore.


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