Playlisted: Play it Again!

PlaylistedSome tracks beg to be played on repeat. In my daily listening I try to vary the artists and tracks I take in. But, it always happens that I arrive at a track that must be looped. After reviewing my recent favourites I’ve come up with this list of eight stand out tracks. Some of the artists have been giving my ears a treat for some time now, while others just came to my attention recently. Each deserves that second (or third or fourth or fifth!) play for their own reason. Some because of the lyrics, some just because they have so much energy. Have a listen and enjoy!

The Dead Formats – Freaks
The Repeat Offenders – Beg, Borrow or Steal
The Cornerstones – My Mind
The Shallows – Thieves
Stillia – I’m Alright
We’re No Heroes – Atlantic Hearts
TEN-79 – The Gathering
Stolen Haven – Decent Shoes

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Michael Dakin

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