You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Once I Was An Eagle”

Laura MarlingLaura Marling- Once I Was An Eagle

What strikes me most, even before I begin to listen to Laura Marling’s latest album, is what a blindingly brilliant writer she is. Just have a look at the album title, ‘Once I Was An Eagle’. Along with her previous album titles, ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ is an incredibly tender, expressionist way of defining the theme of this record.

This album is slightly different to previous releases though. The chiefly British girl spent time in Los Angeles for this one. But make no mistakes, she hasn’t ditched her guitar for dubstep; she croons ever so beautifully as before over soft, intricate melodies on her beloved acoustic guitar.

Marling’s lyrics are as poignant and forensic as ever in their nature and appearance. On ‘I Was An Eagle’ Marling sings, “I was an eagle and you were a dove.” Her writing is meticulous and nothing here seems lazy. Read into it what you will, but of course, it’s undoubtable that Marling is indeed a beautiful creature who will continue to soar up. If LA didn’t give her a new sound as such, it most certainly gave her more conviction and confidence. Clearly she wasn’t lacking confidence before, if at the young age of 23 she’s already releasing her fourth full-length album and played huge sets at some of the biggest festivals in the world, but the tracks on this release sound so much more self-assured. On ‘Devil’s Resting Place’ sounds are much more volatile and potent than ever before.

But Laura Marling’s latest record, although more confident is just as graceful as that charming black and white album artwork. This woman will take you through your whole life experiences in just sixteen tracks.


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Special thanks to Infected for giving AMBY a listen to this great record prior to its release.

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