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We’re Plainview, a three piece alt-rock band from Lancaster in the UK.  We are Darren (guitar/vox), Marc (bass/vox) and Tim (drums). We’ve been playing together since last year and after a few line-up changes and exploding drummers, we now exist in this web-friendly format (we also exist in the real world).  Our songs cover a lot of different territory so we go where the song takes us, which takes longer but is often much more interesting.  We’ll have our first EP out later this year and plan to gig around the country a lot more now, wherever will let us make our noises in front of people.  An interesting fact about us is that like ZZ Top, two of us have beards but our drummer does not.  Unlike ZZ Top however, we aren’t ZZ Top.

We hope you have a few minutes to give us a listen, thank you!


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