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AppleTreeHi everyone! We’re AppleTree, we’re a rock band from Bogotá (Colombia). Our sound is influenced by these albums: “Bakesale” of Sebadoh, “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” of Neutral Milk Hotel, “Bee Thousand” of Guided by Voices, “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” of Pavement and “Is This It” of The Strokes, so if you like these bands perhaps you will find AppleTree attractive.

The band consists of Alex Gonzalez (Bass), Andrés Cárdenas (Guitar and Vocals), Cristian Galeano (Drums) and Felipe Merchán (Guitar). We decided to create lo-fi music after Andrés went to a Sebadoh gig at Electric Ballroom in London. He pretended to be a journalist to meet Lou Barlow and talked with him about the importance of do whatever one like without caring if other people like it or not, between other stuff.

We released our first EP “Draft” last October through our own label Elpatron Records. In the same month we played our first gigs as the opening act of the british band The Palace of Justice in some cities of Colombia, and Bogota’s Rock Dalí Radio name us Band of the Week. “Draft” have been reviewed by media of US, England, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Costa Rica and Colombia where we have been happily compared with bands like Pixies, Sebadoh and Pavement.

We have been listed as one of the “7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear” by IRC (US) but we also were the last band in the competition for participate in our city rock festival, so you listen to us and decide.


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