Grizzly Bear in Dachau: Concert Review!

Grizzly BearOpen-air with Grizzly Bear! Last Wednesday I went to a concert by the American Indie band Grizzly Bear and once again I was shivering the whole time, not knowing if it was because of the excitement or the cold temperatures…

However, Grizzly Bear’s show was amazing and so was the location. They played at the “Summer of Music” in Dachau, in the near of Munich. About a thousand people came to the concert, all wearing winter clothes because it was so cold and there was even “Glühwein” (mulled wine) being sold. But when Grizzly Bear stepped on stage, the rain stopped and there were a few sunrays reflected on the lovely old houses around the historic town square.

Most of the audience were fans; coming not only from Dachau but also from Munich, Dusseldorf or Berlin and every now and then you heard some English-speaking fans and Grizzly Bear really knew how to enchant us all. Grizzly Bear played 2hours, opening with “Speak in Rounds” and right with the first song Grizzly Bear captured us all. Of course, when they played hits like “Two Weeks” or “Yet Again”, the applause was very loud but when Grizzly Bear sang one of their calmer songs everyone went silent and was absolutely stunned.

Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear proofed that they all can sing with such a clear, excellent and great voice and it was exciting to see and hear when Chris Taylor played the Saxophone or used his effect pedals to create some nice additions to the band’s songs.  Between the songs Ed even said some German phrases and words and despite the huge lamps they used on stage, it somehow felt as if a local band was playing, because everything was so comfortable and Grizzly Bear didn’t show off their success at all. We couldn’t believe when they left the stage and when the men from Brooklyn returned for an encore song, we were sad that it was not “Colorado”, because this would have meant another 8-9 minutes of Grizzly Bear; we couldn’t get enough of them!

All in all, the show was absolutely brilliant and if you ever have the chance to see Grizzly Bear live then go and see them, they are awesome!

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Speak in Rounds
Sleeping Ute
Yet Again
A Simple Answer
Ready, Able
While You Wait for the Others
What’s Wrong
Two Weeks
On a Neck on a Spit
Half Gate
Sun in Your Eyes
Encore song: Knife

Katrin Kugler

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