Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Bracknall

The BracknallEssex’s The Bracknall play indie-alternative music at an electric pace! Their single It Always Ends the Same was released June 3rd, and it’s a true hit. The single launch gig is this Saturday at the Purple Turtle in Camden, so be sure to head down and check them out. Until then, have a read at AMBY’s interview with The Bracknall as we talk about playing drunken Spice Girls’ covers, the story behind their name, and open-mouth kissing a horse…

AMBY: Hello The Bracknall, please introduce yourselves to AMBY!

The Bracknall: Hello we’re the Bracknall.

AMBY: What’s the band been up to lately?

The Bracknall: We’ve been away recording with a few producers and just busy in our local rehearsal studio, writing as much as we can. We wanna get out gigging everywhere at the end of this year so it’s good to gather a shit load of decent material before we do. We want the set to be as strong as possible obviously.

AMBY: How did The Bracknall come to be?

The Bracknall: We used to lie to birds all the time about being in a band and eventually just thought we might as well start one. So we bought the cheapest instruments we could find and built a rehearsal room. The rest is history.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you as a band?

The Bracknall: We did a cover of Electric Six ‘Gay Bar’ once to a crowd of about 15 people. We convinced Dan the drummer and Luke the Bass player to do a drunken Spice Girls cover to about 200 angry yanks in a Las Vegas casino. They were asked to leave the stage when the tops came off.

AMBY: It Always Ends The Same is great, and that melody is infectious! What’s the song about?

The Bracknall: Cheers! It’s just about not worrying about shit in the past or going back to it coz it’s all gona end the same! Or some shit like that.

AMBY: You list a few of your influences as Jamie T and Billy Bragg, and we really like how we can subtly hear these influences in the song. Speaking of these influences, which three of them would you love to hang out with for a day?

The Bracknall: Johnny Knoxville, Elton John and Prince. And we would take them to Chesington World of Adventures – What a fucking party!

AMBY: Where did the name The Bracknall come from?

The Bracknall: We went to Benicassim festival in Spain and all had a row over a drunken fat girl. Bracknall was her name and we just thought it was funny. It might not be.

AMBY: If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Bracknall: Japan coz we would defiantly have the biggest nobs out there. If we went to American you’re just another little nob.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

The Bracknall: Our debut single “It Always Ends The Same” is coming out on Essex label The Flag Factory on June 3rd, we are headlining Cherry Cola Club at The Purple Turtle in Camden for our single launch on Sat June 8th and after that we just wana hit the road and play every where we can. Playing live is why we are in a band to get back on the horse in that sense is gona be good.

And last but never least, what’s something about The Bracknall that nobody knows?

The Bracknall: I open mouth kissed a horse once.


Thank you Bracknall, for giving us your answers!

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