You’ve GOT To Hear This: “Shooter”

ShooterShooter by The Gentlemen Thieves

The Gentlemen Thieves just put out their 7” single, Shooter. Two songs long, it kicks off with the titular track. There’s an abrupt pause at 20 seconds in, setting the stop-and-go, high-energy style maintained throughout. Ken Taylor (vocalist, guitarist) adds in some staccato pronunciations of “oh” and “I’ve,” his voice nicely complementing the lyrical image of a “pounding heart.”

Next is “Take My Advice,” originally found on ­Crafting Lies. The track has been sharpened up—Taylor’s vocals even grittier and at times on the edge of a scream—and the echoed lyrics more predominant.

The two tracks are a tease, really, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the full-length album.

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Leah Edwards

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