Getting Cozy With… GRIM!

GRIMI’m GRIM. I fit in that weird box where henchmen or Bradley Cooper fit: too lazy to be evil and just memorable enough to be Matthew McConaghy’s best friend. That goes for my music too. I make and do everything myself; in a shed out back of my house using Ableton. I love rock music in most forms and electronic music in its most obscure forms. I write pseudo-cryptic songs about things that annoy me, which is less therapeutic than you might imagine. I’ve been progressively making a name for myself among the, for lack of a better term, alternative Northern Ireland music scene and recently had the pleasure of collaborating and subsequently supporting the Neil Cowley Trio during their time in my hometown Derry/Londonderry. Keep an eye out for my Ep “Abstract Expressionism is so mid to late Eighties” on release as soon as I’m finished it… “Most of the world is GRIM.” – Karl Pilkington


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Alicia Atout

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