Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ The Family Rain

The Family RainWith the rock/blues three-piece outfit The Family Rain embarking on their first headline tour, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with the Bath brothers and chatted about sexy Rocky, a future reviewing films, and what they’re up to next.

AMBY: So take us back to how three brothers decided to put a band together?

TFR: It’s probably Ollie’s fault. He picked up a guitar when he was 14 or something and I wanted to start a band but I was too lazy to go out and ask anyone else. So he basically was like “Tim you can play drums, Will you can play bass” and it started from there.

AMBY: Would it be something to recommend to other bands? Playing with siblings?

TFR: Yeah, it’s pretty easy. I mean you don’t have the worries of the relationship problem with the other people because they’re family. We’re used to being totally honest with each other and we can say what to them.  You can have a massive argument for 10 minutes and then a minute later you’ll be fine with each other, which I think all siblings have that relationship and I think it works well with music.

AMBY: You’re on your first headline tour, what’s the difference for you going from the supporting act to the main thing?

TFR: We’re amazed at how much we’ve enjoyed it more than doing the support slots because you just know when you come everyone’s on your side.  They bought their ticket and they’re to see you so they want you to be good. When you’re a support band it’s really nice especially if there’s a massive crowd but they are ultimately someone else’s crowd so your job is to win them over. The whole thing is a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable basically.

AMBY: You recently released your ‘Pushing It’ video, how did that video come about for you guys?

TFR: It’s actually an idea we had in the van. By listening to it over and over again we gathered that the song sounds like a fight. We thought, “How can we get people to watch a fight?” and the answer was to put two sexy women in it. We didn’t think the idea would get run but we pitched it to the label and they fell in love with it.

AMBY: It does kind of look like Rocky meets beautiful women.

TFR: Yeah! That’s definitely what we were going for! What if Rocky was a hot model.

AMBY: So Rocky was your inspiration for the video, but what about your music?

TFR: Primarily, it’s always been The Rolling Stones and The Beatles more than anything. We’ve listened to them since we were born and we’ve just through our parents’ record collection but then throughout our childhood and life we’ve got into loads of different music. It’s real nice to branch out and listen to whatever the hell you want.

AMBY: Now we’ve seen outside of music you’re quite into your Tarantino films, is this how you kick back?

TFR: If we’re not on tour or we’re not recording we watch a hell of a lot of films and football. We watched Django Unchained on the bus to Amsterdam and it was spectacular! See when our music career goes down I’m going to be a movie critic.

AMBY: I fell in love with your thumper of a tune, Trust Me.. I’m a Genius, can you tell us what the song’s about?

TFR: It’s a two-minute blast of expression and aggression and everything in between. We wanted to make it really English but with a slant of hip-hop. It was meant to be somewhere between 99 Problems and Helter Skelter.

AMBY: And what’s next for you guys?

TFR: After the headline tour it’s straight into festival season. First up is Hurricane Festival in Germany and then we’re going to a load of festivals  all over the UK like Reading and Leeds.


Thank you The Family Rain, for giving us your answers… again!

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