Let Me Introduce You To… My Man!

My Man It’s difficult for a band from Toronto to make a name for themselves (outside of The Big Smoke, anyway) yet My Man has done just that; carving a special place for themselves in the Toronto music scene through their use of catchy riffs and melancholic lyrics. The four piece indie-folk outfit formed after Niagara natives Rachael and Jacob went to Gainesville, Florida to attend Fest 10 and upon returning created what would eventually become My Man. Following their return the duo recorded their first release, Foul Brood, which featured Ian Kehoe, formerly of Attack In Black, on the ukulele. Succeeding the release of Foul Brood, My Man played a successful string of shows before deciding to finalize their line-up with bassist Lautaro and Matt, who is also part of two up and coming hardcore bands Direct Approach and Wastoids.

Fresh off of their first tour, My Man played alongside Mikey Erg of The Ergs! touring most of Ontario and Quebec. The tour followed the release of their first 7” EP 65 Songs, which misleading as it is, contains 5 songs that each and altogether capture the essence of My Man. There are recurrent themes of nostalgia and romance encapsulated through the use of jangly, catchy riffs with the perfect combination of folk and indie instrumentation. The most notably haunting feature off of 65 Songs is the use of male and female dual vocals which complement yet contradict each other at the same time. The tour was not the first time that My Man has played with noteworthy artists, as they’ve formerly shared the stage with The Front Bottoms, Cheap Girls, and Tigers Jaw.

The future of My Man is extremely promising as the band is eager to tour once again and ready to hit the road. My Man currently has three new releases planned including a single, a cover, and a 7”. If you get the opportunity to see the band live, take it – you’ll never get the chance to crowd surf to an indie folk band outside of a My Man show!

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