Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ HAERTS

HAERTSHAERTS have been busy on tour as we await the release of their debut record. We were instantly intrigued with the band’s sound and lead vocalist Nini Fabi, for her vocals soared with powerful chops nuancing Stevie Nicks. HAERTS will be releasing their debut album later this year, so to learn more about the album AMBY had a chat with HAERTS to talk about the band’s theme song, their track Wings, and the story behind their name!

AMBY: Hello HAERTS, what’s the band been up to lately?

HAERTS: We have been on the road with the amazing Swedish band Shout Out Louds and are currently on tour with Atlas Genius.  These are our first tours as a band and it’s been a great experience to really play the music live for the first time. We’re also very excited about the release of our second single All The Days which came out last week.

AMBY: If you had to describe each member in the band with one word, which word would define them?

HAERTS: Derek: The Glue, Ben: The Navigator, Garrett: The Mystic, Nini: The Prism, Jonathan: The Affable

AMBY: You will be releasing your debut album later this year. What can HAERTS’ fans expect?

HAERTS: The album will be a continuation of the two singles – we hope that it will be a journey.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the name HAERTS?

HAERTS: After recording the first songs for the project we started thinking about a fitting name. Heart seemed to be a reoccurring theme in all songs and we were looking for a simple name that could visually stand on its own. Switching the spelling made it more personal for us.

AMBY: Wings is a killer track. Who or what inspired the song?

HAERTS: We wrote Wings three years ago and it’s hard to say what exactly went through our minds at that point. It was just the outcome of things that moved us at the time and we wrote it as a slow ballad at home in Brooklyn. Listening to it now, Wings definitely speaks about the melancholic sentiment of growing up and having to loose certain conceptions and memories for new uncertain realities and finding beauty in that. There is heartbreak of leaving things behind in order to move on, and it’s a bit tragic but at the same time hopeful in that way.

AMBY: What would be the band’s theme song?

HAERTS: We listen to so much music that it’s very difficult to pin down one song, but we definitely have certain records we routinely listen to in specific situations. When we leave New York to go on the road it’s All my Friends by LCD Soundsystem; the latest Bon Iver was the theme album driving in Montana; our green room mantras are the albums Thriller and Best of Hall and Oates.

AMBY: What’s your favourite release of the year, so far?

HAERTS: Phoenix – Bankrupt, Rhye – Woman, Bat for Lashes – The Haunted Man, and James Blake – Overgrown.

AMBY: You’ve been on tour lately, so what’s been the funniest thing to happen to you while on tour?

HAERTS: Unfortunately we can never share this story with you, but it involves the Sagittarius Full Moon in LA on the last night with the Shout out Louds.

AMBY: And lastly, if you could tour with any band, who would you choose?

HAERTS: There are so many but one of our big dreams would be to go on the road with Phoenix.


Thank you HAERTS, for giving us your answers!

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