Lyric of the Day: “Soluble In Air”

Making DensSoluble In Air by Mystery Jets

“Let me be soluble in air.”

Between the ethereal harmonies, soothing percussion, and brilliant lyrics, Soluble In Air is beyond beautiful. One of my favourite lines, deriving from the song’s title itself is, “Let me be soluble in air.” Mystery Jets delicately capture a feeling of sorrow and pain in only six words. It depicts someone who just needs to get away from this mess we call life. How you just want to be able to disappear into something that is impossible to get away from. It is so simply put, yet the lyric is so complex and captivating. And as if the line wasn’t perfect enough, Blaine Harrison manages to amplify it by gracefully completing the line by singing a wide range of notes which seem to flow so effortlessly with his distinct and charming voice.

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Madison Atout

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