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Antimatter PeopleThe origins of modern psychedelic five-piece Antimatter People came from the mind of musician and songwriter Yehan Jehan, who has been composing songs under the moniker Antimatter People since 2005. Yehan, born into a musical family in London, began to write music in a make-shift studio he’d set-up himself in his bedroom, which can only be described as an emporium of musical wonders.

After five years of experimenting alone, it was only in 2010 that Yehan felt ready to share his project with others. This coincided with his friends Elliott Arndt (Flute/Percussion/Sampler/Formerly Drums) and Mikko Hirvikallio (Guitar/Keys) moving to London from Luxembourg. The threesome decided to jam together and found together they had a natural musical bond.  After a few rehearsals as a three-piece, they moved into a flat together in London early last year to spend more time developing the project.

The three became five after they met the completing members of the band, bassist Spencer Lezaja and drummer Callum Brown. In the last year the five-piece have began to make a name for themselves as Antimatter People, playing a series of acclaimed live shows and attracting plaudits online for their remarkable tracks ‘Mossy Grounds’ and ‘Only Ark’.

Antimatter People’s sound takes a refreshing approach to rock psychedelia. Taking influences from classical music, rock, hip hop beats, and film composition, Antimatter People have developed an eclectic and incredibly accomplished sound for a band so early on in their career. Prepare for them to completely blow you away.


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