Getting Cozy With: Van Damsel

Van Damsel
Greetings AMBY readers! We are Matthew, Matthew, Mark and Richard aka Van Damsel. We hail from un petit village called Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada. We all met in high school and have made music together in various forms over the years, a lot of it in the genre some call ‘br00tal death metal.’ Eventually we got bored and started writing indie rock in the vein of bands we loved like Brand New, Mew, Interpol and Bloc Party. As a throwback to our metalhead roots, we named ourselves after a particularly brutal track by The Dillinger Escape Plan. We have recently completed our first full-length album titled Bad Faith (based on an existential concept by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre). You can check out the video for our first single from the album, “The Sunshine, Girl” below. We hope you like our M. Night Shyamalan twist! Look out for Bad Faith later this summer :)


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