“Savoir Adore” Play AMBY A Song!

Savoir AdoreLast year I had my first Savoir Adore concert experience. The entire show was energetic, the harmonies were spot on, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with everything the band was about! I’m still amazed at how excellent they are live. AMBY’s favourite song of theirs would have to be Dreamers; a track with an incredible build-up which takes off into an ethereal cloud of enchanting vocals. On record the song is killer, so it’s extremely neat to see it stripped down to bare bones in this video. When I saw Savoir Adore last year they were playing in a smaller venue, and it’s crazy to think how they are now playing a song for us from The Staples Center. Looking back at all of this, it’s pretty incredible that Savoir Adore have now played AMBY an exclusive song and video. We’re truly honoured to share this with everyone, so have a look as Savoir Adore play AMBY our favourite Savoir Adore song, Dreamers!

Savoir Adore- Dreamers

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[youtube id=”uVQQIwTjp6c” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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