Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Adelines

The AdelinesThe Adelines are a striking quartet from Swansea creating music with lovely melodies and addictive, flourished choruses. Between gigging, hearing them on the radio, and their track Alleyways hitting 2,000 hits on YouTube, there’s no stopping The Adelines! Have a read as AMBY and The Adelines talk pronouncing their name, falling off stage, and #WineRage.

AMBY: Hi The Adelines, what’s the band been up to lately?

The Adelines: We’ve been in the studio writing lots over the last few weeks, working on some exciting new ideas. Also, we’ve all grown hair in funny places and Jen lost her rag at the neighbour’s cat #WineRage

AMBY: If you had to describe each band member with one word, what would they be?

The Adelines: Jen – coats, Russ – Jen, Ray – science, Anton – daydreamer

AMBY: You recently released your latest single Alleyways. What a tune! I especially love the little touch with the tambourine- sounds great with headphones. What’s the inspiration behind the song?

The Adelines: Alleyways came together last summer when we still rehearsed in Anton’s bedroom. It was a sweet time for us, and we think that relaxed feel comes across. The lyrics themselves basically are about realising that you’ve gone for the wrong person and trying to amend this.

AMBY: What’s the best moment you’ve had as a band so far?

The Adelines: The best moment we’ve had would be playing the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. That was such a fantastic night. The place was packed and people were singing along and dancing. Was such a great gig! We partied with everyone till gone sunrise. However, I think we’d all agree that the highlight so far has been gaining the support and help of our manager, Rob. He has become a real good friend of ours.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

The Adelines: Ray is always listening to new music.  Lately, he’s been getting into Moats, The Death of Pop and Wall.  Jen has been listening to Tegan and Sara, Givers and Nirvana.  Anton is longingly awaiting The National’s next release. Russ has been listening to Vampire Weekend’s new album and The Vaccines second album as well as Peace and Swim Deep.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

The Adelines: The funniest moment to date has been Russ falling off the stage then falling back into Ray’s drum kit when he was wrecked during a Power Lunches gig.  This was also the night that we met Jen Long.  Needless to say, he made a fabulous first impression.

AMBY: We LOVE Little Games. What’s the song about?

The Adelines: Little Games is the first proper song we wrote as a band.  It happened really quickly, it came together over just 2 or 3 jams.  The song is about getting mixed messages from someone you’re hooking up with.

AMBY: Which of your influences would you love to hang out with for a day?

Russ: I’d say Elvis ‘cause he’s a true artist, and you’d be well fed.

Ray: I reckon Dave Grohl would be fun to hang out with, plus he’s a bit of a role model to me too.

Anton: I’ll go for Matt Berninger, he seems to always be drunk!

Jen: I’d like to become best friends with Adele and Alan Carr (even though he isn’t a musician).

AMBY: If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Adelines: North America. The U.S.A. because it’s like the world in a country and Canada because so so many wicked indie bands came from there.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

The Adelines: Russ’ plans to feather his hair… and music stuff.

AMBY: And last but never least, what’s something about The Adelines that nobody knows?

The Adelines: How to pronounce our name /ˈadərlīnz/


Thank you The Adelines, for giving us your answers!

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