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Andy WattsHello beautiful people of interwebland. My name is Andy Watts; I’m a mulch-instrumentalist, songwriter, graphic designer and filmmaker.

As a child, I was classically trained on the guitar and have enjoyed playing sessions for artists including Stuart Staples of Tindersticks. I’ve also written songs with Roger Goslyn (Jools Holland’s RnB Orchestra) and have taught music in prisons, toured internationally and played drums and vocals for many bands including platinum selling group The Seahorses; formed by Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.

My world is a beautiful and sad place. I try to write music that’s lyrically fraught with emotion, whilst aiming to paint a complex and honest picture of life, love and loss. I adore songs that reflect the transitory nature of our existence and the often delicate, yet fractured relationships we experience. My work has been described as harmonically layered yet stylistically retro in manner. In fact, my old friend Stuart Staples heard these tracks and described them as “sophisticated and sonically cool” – I like that.

The soon to be released 5 track EP ‘Fragments of Bone’ was written over a 6 month period and was recorded at George Shilling’s Cotswold studio. I played all instruments bar cello and double bass. I’m no good with bows, so forgive me.

Whilst writing new material, I’m currently editing two short films – one based around a Victorian weighing room in Newcastle’s Grainger Market which was an anthropological delight to document. The other is about the north east of England on the day of Thatcher’s funeral. I also film and edit my own video for the song compositions, some of which are collaborative – with artists
such as Jane Cabrera. Ultimately, music underpins everything I create.


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