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Easy!Hi to all on AMBY!!!!

It’s amazing to be on this great site and to have the opportunity to tell you something about “Easy!”… so here goes!

Let me start with a question that’s been puzzling me…

How does a guy from London, England, end up writing songs and playing in a band down on the coast in Southern Europe?

Don’t ask me how I did it, but that’s what I’m doing now… and I’m loving it!!!!

The whole thing started a few years back when I started taking guitar lessons from a guy called Pepe Marchante. Pepe’s an incredible guitarist and producer and when I asked him for a bit of help with some musical arrangement he saw the potential in my music and suggested we put the “Easy!” album together. I guess we both wanted to make a record with a vintage/retro vibe (old rockers like ourselves tend to gravitate around that area anyway!), so the album is full of tiny references to some of our favourite records! If you listen carefully you can catch a phrase of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” or the odd riff from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird!

We had great fun getting this record out. It’s a completely uncommercial labour of love which, ironically, appears to be catching the attention of some big names here in Spain! We’ve just finished rehearsal with a rock-solid band and our single, “Fade”, which came out last month, is going really well. At the moment we’re doing some local warm up shows before we go off on national tour this autumn…

One thing that is a shame for me is that, playing abroad, most people don’t understand the lyrics to the songs. That’s why it’s great for me to get “Easy!” onto a site like Amby where native English speakers will be able to listen to what we’re doing. The songs on the album are like snapshots for me. Certain people or places in certain moments, and each one tells its own story.

Please check out the album and see for yourselves. You can listen free online or pick it up through Amazon or I-Tunes. All links are on our site Also you can follow us on Facebook. Don’t be a stranger! Mail us with any questions about the record and I’d be really happy to fill you in.

Ok friends, keep on rocking in the free world!!! (Just one more little rock reference for you!)

Really hope you enjoy the record!



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