The Mowgli’s: Video Interview & Concert Review

The Mowgli'sLife on earth doesn’t count if you’re not having fun.

The Mowgli’s had me hooked from my first listen of San Francisco. That song literally stuck in my head for days on end with its upbeat tempo and joyful essence.

The band played The Mod Club in Toronto last week and it was such a memorable show. When I met all eight members of the band there was something absolutely radiating from them. Whether it was their passion towards music, or enthusiasm towards meeting their fans, I could appreciate how genuine each member came across with love for what they do. Releasing their new record Waiting For The Dawn last month, I was thrilled to catch up with Katie Jayne Earl of The Mowgli’s to chat about touring, bands she loves, and much more. Be sure to check out our interview below!

The Mowgli’s’ concert in Toronto was a night full of dancing, singing, wonderful music, and incredible people. Opening with The Great Divide, The Mowgli’s began swaying back and forth, getting into the song’s irresistible groove. Emily was next, followed by Waiting for the Dawn–a song packed with contagious energy and a surprising yet wicked breakdown. To introduce the next song, band members Andy and Spencer began tapping their drumsticks, playing off one-another’s timing. It was amazing to look down at a stage and see seven people singing beautifully together without a note out of place.

Next up was Slowly, Slowly, which ironically enough is quite the upbeat little number. As I watched the band from the above balcony, I couldn’t help but notice how into the song each member was. It looked almost instinctive for Katie to sway herself around to any melody, and lucky enough for her, the whole set was packed full of soaring melodic musical gems for everyone to dance to. It was a fun moment as Katie and Dave swayed together while synchronizing funky dance moves and playing tambourines.

The Mowgli’s then began telling the crowd that it was their first time in Canada together, and jokingly told us how Americans have no rhythm and the unified clapping always falls apart. Apparently, we were pretty good. Finally the eight-piece broke out into one of my favourites, Love Is Easy. This song expresses how well this band knows how to write a tune; the build-ups are just impeccable. The following songs were Say It, Just Say It, and Hi, Hey There, Hello.  HHTH was an amazing track as the band got everyone in the crowd to sing along to the backing vocals yelling, “They are purple. They are gold.” This was bubbly rock and roll and its finest.

Next were tunes See I’m Alive and Carry Your Will. This is where the show got pretty interesting as the crowd were finally all “bullshit free.” We joined the band in taking a deep breath and screaming as loud as we possibly could with our hands in the air. Little acts like this completely embodied what the band are all about; being unified and together.

Carry Your Will was beautiful with its soft vocal introduction and how the powerful vocals slowly came together. Another neat aspect of the song’s performance was when Michael lit his microphone on fire (yes, you read that right!), walked into the crowd with incense, and sang “let your faith guide your fate” while standing on a table in the middle of the crowd. That kind of passionate energy is hard to come by, and luckily the crowd Tuesday night at The Mod Club could witness it.

What was even more impressive was how The Mowgli’s incredibly one-upped that crazy performance after Leave It Up to Me, Clean Light, and Time, with the finale track San Francisco. To the crowd’s surprise, that stage became overgrown with talent as Family of the Year and Walk off the Earth joined The Mowgli’s on stage. Everyone came in dancing onto the stage and ended the night with a bang… literally. As the spectacular hit San Francisco came to an end, The Mowgli’s wanted to end on a grand finale by asking a crowd member for a number. 27 was this number, so then came along 27 smashes on the symbol, 27 head-banging seconds, and the fans and band kept dancing and going wild as The Mowgli’s, Family of the Year, and Walk off the Earth came back together to end the song. The night ended with some lovely singing, but of course it wasn’t just one member taking the stage, for The Mowgli’s ended the night together.

If you ever have a chance to see this band live or chat with them for a minute, you’ll understand that The Mowgli’s’ love is as authentic and inspirational as it gets.

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