Hannah Georgas: Concert Review!

Hannah Georgas // The Horseshoe Tavern // 06.07.13Hannah Georgas

Popular up-and-coming Canadian band Hannah Georgas played this Saturday, July 6 at TURF, Toronto Urban Roots Festival. I had the pleasure of attending TURF’s late night series at the Horseshoe Tavern, and enjoyed about an hour of indie/alternative/electronic music that moved the growing crowd to spontaneous dancing.

The band played a set that varied between their older stuff, and newer songs. With well-composed vocals, and beautiful, soft interludes, the music ranges from hop-up-an-down dance/pop music like “Million,” to sweet, sentimental ballads such as “Ode to Mom,” which, with great arching lyrics such as “if there is magic on this planet it’s in the water,” struck a deep cord of nostalgia and thoughtfulness into listeners.

With the face and hair of Florence Welch and a voice as melodic as Emily Haines coming together to create a lead singer/guitarist/uke player with as much charisma and stage presence as such big name Canadian Indie singers as Feist, there’s no doubt that this little band from BC will go far.

Emily Fox

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