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The Would Be'sHi Readers,

We are The Would Be’s from Ireland, we are a five piece Indie Pop Band consisting of three brothers, Matt (Guitar), Eamon (Bass) and Paul Finnegan (Drums) and two gals Aidine O’Reilly (Trombone and Sax) and Julie Mc Donnell (Lead Vocals). We formed way back in 1989…….wow! That long ago?!! In our early to late teens, just young’ns and made quite an impact, most notably championed by The Late Great John Peel of BBC Radio1 (we have a lot to thank him for). He picked up on our first single “I’m Hardly Ever Wrong”. He reckoned we were the best thing to come out of Ireland since The Undertones and whipped us over to London for a Peel Session, that was quite a compliment! From there on it was a whirlwind, from non-stop tours in Ireland and Britian, we even supported Morrissey on his “Kill Uncle’ Tour. It was joked that we had more A&R men at our gigs than punters indicating the fuss there was about us at the time. While there were some big offers on the table from major record companies, the decision was made to sign with a small independent Record Company, it in keeping with our Indie Ideals.  However, with some naivety and inexperience and without the right financial backing we were unable to keep up the momentum and disbanded in 1992. But enough about all that…………..that’s all in the past……….

Now!! We are back!!! We were fortunate enough to meet again in November 2011, Twenty Years Later!! It was a chance meeting at a Book Launch in Dublin, a book called “101 Records You Must Hear Before You Die” by Music Journalist and DJ Tony-Clayton-Lea and our song “ I’m Hardly Ever Wrong “ was included. It seems the chemistry was still there, we spoke about old times and thought, why not reform for one gig!! We did that, but we caught the bug and enjoyed it so much we couldn’t let it go. So since that gig in The Workman’s Club (Dublin) in March 2012 we have recorded two new singles “Ivy Avenue” and “Let’s Play Dumb” which have received some critical acclaim. Hope you like them!! But More importantly we have recorded our first Album due for release in October 2013. (We had previously released a couple of EPs back in the day). For us this is a long awaited album with a fresher and, dare we say it……more mature sound. But it’s not without our Would Be Idiosyncracies and playfullness. It’s titled “Beautiful Mess”. It  perhaps has a depth that comes with experience and a confidence that understands that out of some chaos and Mess can come something Beautiful!! We hope that you will enjoy!! Our single “Could Be The Weather” from the album will be released in september 2013.

Thanks for taking time to listen to our music, we hope it appeals to your playful and off-beat side……..maybe see you at a gig some time in the future,

The Would Be’s


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