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LimbHi AMBY readers, we’re Limb, an experimental electronic pop duo from Melbourne, Australia. The two of us have been making music for a few years but first brought Limb out to the world with our debut EP Star Crossed (produced by local legend Nick Huggins of the label Two Bright Lakes) in early 2013. After a string of shows around Melbourne town, we self-produced our second bigger, bolder offering, a digitally released two-track entitled Two Shades. Both EPs are up on BandCamp for your listening pleasure, and available to download for whatever price you please.

We aim to make music with commanding vocals, thumping drums, engulfed by rich synths and evoking filmic soundscapes. We’re busily writing more material for another release slated for later this year. We love hearing from people so feel free to get in touch and enjoy the tunes.


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