Getting Cozy With… The Blanks!

The BlanksGet you with your busy lives! No problemo, we have short attention spans/are bordering autistic, so we’ve made our tunes short and fun for you.

A totally useless metaphor might be to imagine The Blanks chuffer engine pulling along various excellent carriages – say an Elvis Costello one, a Talking Heads one, with a rowdy garage rock buffet cart at the rear. The train is approaching, we’re winding down the windows to extend our rock ‘n’ roll hands and cordially invite you to hop on.

It’s going to be fine! Yes! Or maybe just press play/say hello/give us a hand with that amp!


Dan: Microphone / Theremin / Keyboards / Harmonica
John: Drums / Percussion
Arf: Guitars / Backing Vocals
Adam: Bass


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Alicia Atout

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