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PAUL MOSLEYHallo I am Paul Mosley, I am a Birtish singer, songwriter, composer and musician.

My most recent album is all about birds.

I took some field recordings of bird song and turned the melody’s into bits of my songs on a birdy theme.

It was a lot of fun and it turned out quietly spooky and strangely calm, I am very proud of it.

I got some brilliant musicians, especially woodwind players, involved . Players who have worked with people you might have heard of so I will drop their names: Feist, The Irrepressibles, Patrick Wolf, Florence and the Machine, all sorts.  My friend Jamie Lawson – he had a number one in Ireland last year –  sings on it, and my other friend (I have two) Esther Dee – she is a Mediaevel Baebe – sings on it too.

The esteemed (that’s a good word. Esteemed) British music magazine Q kindly described it thus;  ‘A garage orchestra of sometimes disturbing magic realist folk pop, Excellent ****’ Which helped me get more people to listen to it and all the people who listened to it liked it too and have said more nice things which I am unsuprisingly enjoying enormously. I hope you will like it too.

I make semi animated videos for my songs too sometimes which takes me ages but I love doing it and it suits my darkly folky world.

My favourite Canadian is Miss Carolyn Mark – she sang on my second album, and moved into my house briefly.

I hope you like my music and if you do I hope to meet you one day.

All the very best.



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