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Sunstack JonesHello and thanks for having us – quite the honour…

We formed in early 2011 (‘wanna make some records?’ ‘yeah cool’) and having decided on a name (inspired by the stage names used by the old Delta blues players) we recorded throughout the year and played the odd gig (always 2 of us, sometimes 3 of us, but mostly 4 maybe 5 of us), made an LP ‘Surefire Ways To Sweeten The Mind’ and released it ourselves on vinyl in July/August 2012. This was our big kind of statement that we weren’t messing around… Did anyone listen? Some.

The album was recorded at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool, UK and The Panic Room, Wirral, UK as was our debut 7″ single ‘You Can Help Me Out’, which was just released on vinyl in June 2013, this time via Liverpool independent label Eighties Vinyl Records (it sold out – hurrah!). The single is the first taste of the 2nd album we’re currently working on (almost done) and we have a new song ‘Golden Age’ coming out on Eighties’ first LP release ‘Just Records’ (our 3rd vinyl release in 12 months – sweet)

Some people have said some nice things about us, thusly:
‘Evoking favourably the sunshine indie-pop of bands like Sloan, this mixes up 60’s sounds, adds a slight country lilt and then modernises it into concentrated catchiness and cannily crafted songs just in time for a long hot summer (Jumbo Records)

‘the perfect soundtrack to any moment of bliss’ (The Roomshaker)

‘Bringing forth songs that stand out like slants of light in a dusty old room’ (Bido Lito!)

We’re looking at finishing the 2nd LP around September this year (these things take time) and then we’re gonna get off our behinds and play some more live shows (wherever we can).

We’re not sure how to sell ourselves (as you see) but we try.

Thanks a trillion for listening


Sunstack Jones


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