Getting Cozy With… Liam Gale & the Ponytails!

Liam Gale & the PonytailsG’day! I’m Liam, and I play with a band called Liam Gale & the Ponytails. We are a 9 piece band that uses all sorts of instruments from all sorts of places, but you could probably call us a blues/country/psych band.

We’ve just put out a single called Antipodean Honour, which was recorded with the wandering studio/space collector Sunfield Records. The song was mostly tracked in a farm house in central NSW, but the studio has now moved the next town over, to an old mezzanine building that used to be an arcade, or cinema I think. We’re yet to finish our album, but it’s on the way.

We’re based in Sydney, and we’re doing a single launch at a place called GoodGod Small Club (12th of September). Plan is to have a bunch of bands, burlesque dancers, DJs and a big drum circle. And plenty of beers (given).  Hopefully we’ll make our way to Canada one day – that’d be real nice!


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