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The Last Sun

THE LAST SUN’s Dave Nugent has recently released his debut EP The Last Sun (an EP full of quick-witted, sharp lyrics and emotion). To find out more, AMBY had the pleasure of speaking to Dave Nugent about music he’s been listening to, favourite lyrics, and dancing better than Justin Timberlake.

AMBY: Hello THE LAST SUN, thanks for having a chat with AMBY. What have you been up to lately?

THE LAST SUN: Thanks for having me AMBY. Hmmm… let’s see. Other than trying to make this EP the biggest selling record in the history of music, I’ve been enjoying the very hot weather with my family and playing the odd summer festival with my comrades The Sam Roberts Band.

AMBY: Your self-titled EP is sounding lovely. Which songs are your favourite?

THE LAST SUN: My favourite songs on the EP have to be “Such A Fan”, “You Had Forever”, “Wind Up Dead” and “I Don’t Need A Lotta Love”. I hate to pick favorites, but those are definitely my favorite four.

AMBY: I’m such a fan of Such a Fan. What’s the song about?

THE LAST SUN: “Such A Fan” came to me while watching my 4 year old watch T.V. as I was browsing the internet. Ha! I was super focused in songwriting at the time obviously. It’s mostly about looking back at all the bad calls one makes in life, trying to deal with them, pushing them deep down, pulling them back out, and perhaps putting the blame on someone else instead of yourself. Maybe a call to all those out there in shitty situations… try to leave while there’s time.

AMBY: The lyric “in good times and bad decisions, I make mistakes with sharp precision” is witty yet touching. Which of your lyrics is a favourite?

THE LAST SUN: If that one got you, then I’m sold! That’s my fav! To be honest, the line I like the best these days is “You had forever…….”. But that’s because it came to me at a tough time and always makes me think.

AMBY: Does hailing from Montreal have an influence on your music? And if so, how?

THE LAST SUN: I actually grew up in a small town in Ontario called Pembroke which is 4 hours from Montreal. Close enough that when we were young we’d make a trip to Montreal and check out tons of bands, local bands and bands that were out on tour. Montreal has such a deep, deep rooted musical scene that when I first came here it was inescapable. I HAD to move here, there was no other playce in the world, in my mind at the time, that inspired music and people more than a city like Montreal. So, ya, it’s impossible not to let Montreal bleed into your music, it’s everywhere here.

AMBY: What are the main differences from being in a band (Sam Roberts Band) and now producing music in this new solo project?

THE LAST SUN: I don’t have my four best friends with me.

AMBY: Which bands or artists have you been listening to lately?

THE LAST SUN: Daft Punk, Cayucus, Beach House, Regina Spektor, and a fucking shitload of Sam Roberts Band’s new record.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

THE LAST SUN: It’s not out yet.

AMBY: What’s next for THE LAST SUN?

THE LAST SUN: Working on some videos, a little more music and hopefully we’ll play a show in the next 5 – 10 years.

AMBY: And last but never least, what’s something about THE LAST SUN that nobody knows yet?

THE LAST SUN: I can dance better than Justin Timberlake.


Thank you THE LAST SUN, for giving us your answers!

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