Getting Cozy With… Flamingo Bay!

Flamingo BáyHey how you doin? We are Flamingo Bay, a 3 piece rock n roll band from Hamilton, Ontario. Last year Kris and Dillon packed up and headed east from Edmonton, Alberta. Vince showed up for a jam and we all bonded over love of real rock n roll. Our debut album “Loco Pony” is set for September release. Listen to the lead track “Serpentine” with b-side “Bleed” at Download and show your friends! Then they’ll tell two friends….and they’ll tell two friends…. We like to have a good time so why not come check out a show sometime? We offer free high fives. August 30 – Baltimore House Hamilton. September 5 – Cameron House Toronto. Full concert listings at Be excellent to each other!

-Flamingo Bay


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