Getting Cozy With… The Living Days!

The Living DaysHi there!

We’re The Living Days, an indie rock band from the far Madrid. Our sound is mainly influenced by English speaking bands such as Queen, The Who, Arcade Fire or The Black Keys… and that’s why we write in English too. We really hope you enjoy it!

We’ve been active since 2010, when we independently produced and published an EP. We’ve shown our music live in different clubs and festivals in Madrid and the rest of the country, winning the Wolfest Gold Challenge 2013 (a massive national band competition celebrated in some of the most important Spanish stages).   As a result of it, we’ll continue playing in other European cities! Who knows if we would even cross the ocean in the future… hope so!

We recorded “Recurrence” in 2012, our first studio album consisting of 11 tracks. It will be released after summer.  There’s no need to wait nonetheless, since you can already listen to our first single: “Settle Down”, and also watch the video below.

Enjoy it, and follow us in Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up to date and (why not?) also learn some Spanish. We’d really like to hear from you.

Hugs, kisses and all that stuff!

And peace, especially peace,

The Living Days

PS: Don’t forget these wise words: “The Living Days? Probably the greatest band I’ve ever seen”– John Lennon (2010).


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