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Paper Lions

Paper Lions // The Rivoli // 20. 08. 13

To celebrate the release of their album My Friends, Paper Lions threw a party for itself at the Rivoli last Tuesday, August 20. The party featured the bands Triple Arcade, Tyler Kyte (and the Nice Guys), and The Elwins, before the band itself arrived on stage. The three bands preceding Paper Lions played a similar stream of music that created an atmosphere reminiscent of a birthday party. An all-ages event, the celebration brought in older, married couples, and groups of teenagers, all milling about the Rivoli’s back room like members of a reunion. The attitude was one of peaceful enjoyment, and the variation of listeners stood as a testament to Paper Lions overall likability.

Tyler Kyte and the Nice Guys played a very impressive and excellent number of country-esque songs, with beautiful guitar solos and varied melodies with many layers. With Tom Juhass playing an excellent lead guitar, and technical, well-thought-out songs, the band provided a sense of uniqueness that is hard to find. The Elwins entered next, and though they weren’t as original as Tyler Kyte, their music sustained the mood and carried the celebrations through to Paper Lions. The crowd was anticipatory, and when the band finally arrived, it was unto a room full of extremely lighthearted people.

With the stage presence of such mature indie bands as The Darcy’s, Paper Lions proved an entertaining performance. The band members took a moment to thank the bands “all of whom are our friends,” indicating the overall theme of the night. The show was an excellent way of not only drawing the attention of their current listeners, but drawing new listeners too. The crowd had come to see both familiar and not-so-well-known music.

“The original meaning of a band is a small town or a group of people, and there’s something about them that is so je ne sais quoi,” said Tyler Kyte on the attitude of Paper Lions, and there definitely is a feeling of fraternity when witnessing the band.

The band launched into a cover of The Way’s Fastball, with 90s nostalgia that only Big Shiny Tunes can bring.

Their second-to-last song, Travelling, opened with the band members taking turns entering the stage, and they ended their set with their titular song My Friend. Definitely, the night was a showcase of camaraderie and friendship, and as they were called on for an encore, the lights of the Rivoli back room went up, and the band entered a circle on the floor made especially for them. Standing facing each other, with a single acoustic guitar, the band began an acapella jam session that gave an idea of what the creative studio process is like for the members.

The unique moment was an excellent top-off to an otherwise blissful night, providing listeners with precisely what they had come to see, an intimate glimpse into the lives of a group of really good friends.

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