Detroit Bikes: Concert Review!

Gay and Cousins // Horseshoe Tavern // 21. 08. 13

Detroit Bikes

On Wednesday, August 21, a small and early party to celebrate the Canadian launch of American bike company Detroit Bikes took up the afternoon at the Horseshoe Tavern. The celebration showcased the relatively unknown talents of two Canadian bands, Gay and Cousins.

Gay’s multi-layered lyrical melodies sound a lot like the Fratellis, their stage presence alone drew in the crowd, which was surprisingly large for an afternoon show. The band itself isn’t well-known, but their talent is indelible, and we can be sure to expect excellent and exciting things from them in the future

Cousins pile layer upon layer of impressive pop, an incredible sound that is surprising coming from a two-person band. Creating a distinctive sound with his guitar, David Trenaman was magnetic. The band takes its time melding drum and guitar into a soulful and melancholic tour de force.

Emily Fox

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