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NARCSA Brief History of NARCS

NARCS are a 4-piece alt rock band from a small city on earth called Leeds. Despite being raised in the four corners of The North, they felt drawn together from birth and eventually collided in a small, damp basement underneath drummer Stanley’s house.  Sadly, after just 10 minutes of pure rock, this collision was too noisy for one neighbour who presented them with the choice of dying or “shutting the f*ck up”.  This man was a total narc so they decided to name themselves after him and his tree-trunk forearms. NARCS were born.

Finding solace in a warehouse unit nicknamed “Blueberry Hill Studios”, with only a saucy ex-sailor for company, Wilko (singer) Yussuf (guitarist), John (4-string learner guitarist) and Stanley (drum chimp) wrote and re-wrote an album that they then recorded with Simon Humphrey – a special man who also brought The Clash to the masses. This album: “Two Birds, One Stone Later” will be released on 2nd  September 2013, on independent Leeds label Clue Records.


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