Robert Delong: Concert Review!

Robert Delong // The Wrongbar // 31.08.13

Robert Delong

Robert Delong—a former Seattle indie rocker turned EDM-pop spectacle—put on a performance that, true to his song “Global Concepts,” made people ‘fucking dance’ all night long.

Two orange x’s were the focal point of his stage setup, sitting above a box that bled out a mass of wires. Behind him, geometric patterns were projected onto a screen. The glitch-art theme wasn’t as strong as it was during the openers’ set (Hugsnotdrugs), but there was definitely a sense of organized chaos as the lights tremoured and shook in synch with Delong’s music. The orange beams of light often reflected off of Delong, making his un-tattooed skin look as though he had been inked with florescent light.

“Religious Views”—from his 2013 album, Just Movement—got everyone singing along: ‘Be not afraid it’s just a game.’ Because his sets are continuous, there was no time to clap in between tracks; instead, the audience took to screaming throughout. Many of the show goers also had the orange zigzag painted on their cheek, joining Delong’s “Tribe of Orphans.” And when Delong started jumping on stage so did they, creating a nice synchronicity between performer and audience.

The crowd’s enthusiasm wasn’t surprising; before interviewing Delong, he met me down by the bar area and almost immediately a group of people approached him, gushing about his amazing set at Osheaga 2013. Then again, it’s hard not to be amazed by a performer with the creativity to turn a Wii remote into a MIDI interface, or who can switch so easily between working a sampler and playing the drums.

He played his hit “Global Concepts” early in the night, and by the time the chorus started—“did I make you fucking dance?”—the audience more than answered his question. It was only half past midnight, but the Wrongbar was Florida-humid, air thick from all of the sweaty dancers.

Other stand out tracks from the night included “Change (How You Feel)” and “Happy.” Much of his music can be found on his soundcloud page, but seeing him live is a must. Luckily, he’s still on tour until mid-November, in support of Twenty One Pilots. Get tickets, and let him make you fucking dance.

Leah Edwards

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