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Crash IslandWe’re Crash Island. We’re a four-piece indie rock band from London, England. And we like to talk about ourselves in the third person.

Our sound combines introspective guitars, outgoing bass lines, nostalgic synths, urgent rhythms and dreamy, sentimental melodies. We like to think of it as dark and tropical – it’s moody, but you can dance to it.

Band members hail from Spain, Wales, France and South Africa, and so far life’s been good for Crash Island inc. Besides London, we’ve played France, Wales, Germany and Switzerland. We’ve played festivals, clubs, rooftops, lakes, parks, bus stops and picked a fight with Fatboy Slim!

Our debut EP, Strange Shores, is due out in September, and it’s already done quite a bit of traveling. It was recorded at Musicland Studios in London, mixed by Gordon Raphael in North and South America and mastered by Rogan Kelsey in South Africa.

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“Really a talented band and Orange and Caprices Festival really did them and especially us a favour by putting a spotlight, literally, on this artist.”


”London four-piece Crash Island deliver really lovely indie rock that’s occasionally delay-heavy and tropical.”
Time Out London

“Wow! Thank you for showing me this music. It’s so right up my street. The synth on the verse reminds me of me – on a good day of course. Drumming and singing are f***king excellent. What can I say?”
Gordon Raphael.


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