Getting Cozy With… HOT MODELS!

HOT MODELSTo whom it may concern,

We are Hot Models, and sound a bit Garage, indie, lo-fi, surf rock? Who knows?

We’re a four-piece band from little old England, and at this time of writing, we’re are still in our Demo days, making bed room recordings, and shuffling off in tiny cars to play gigs.

Most our songs on Soundcloud are free downloads, and any new releases will be for some time to come.
We love any kind of feedback, or just knowing people are listening to our music.

If you want to catch us live and feel like you’re being reborn in a wave of rad sound (…experience may be exaggerated for promotional effect) Then we will be playing in the likes of Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield etc.. Or much further afield if the offer arises. Just see us on Facebook or Twitter, maybe have a chat, we’re dead nice.


Hot Models xo


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